Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Product review - Alverde Macademia Nut and Shea butter body butter/Bloody orange and Elderflower body butter

I don't know about you guys, but I love body butters. I think it's the texture that makes it so likeable for me. So when I saw that Alverde has these two body butters, I said I have to try them out. I bought first the Macademia Nut and Shea butter one which I really liked and then I bought the Bloody orange and Elderflower scent too.

The original name of the Bloody orange and Elderflower body butter is "Körperbutter Blutorange Holunderblüte" and the original name of the Macademia Nut and Shea butter is "Körperbutter Macadamianuss Karitébutter

As you know from my other posts, Two-phase makeup remover, Facial Toner with clay/argilla, Citrus-Sage deodorant, Alverde is a German natural skin care and cosmetic brand.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An interesting article about Whole Foods - The Illusion Of Eating Healthy At Whole Foods

So I just came across this article today and I would like to share it with you guys.

Tell me what you think!

The Illusion Of Eating Healthy At Whole Foods

Monday, May 20, 2013

Product review - UR essential Respiratory Rub

Few weeks ago I got an email from the owner of UR essential (she earned her certificate of Aromatherapy in December of 2005 from the American College of Health Sciences in Portland, Oregon) if I want to try out their handcraft product called 'Respiratory Rub', made with certified organic essential oils. I was more than happy to try it out and write a review about it. Especially because my daughter had a cold and she was coughing as well.

What is this Respiratory Rub exactly?

"Respiratory Rub" immediately goes to work opening all the breathing passage ways. Stimulates the bodys defenses and helps expel congestion whlie destoying pathogens.

Use at the first sign of a cold or respiratory stress (asthma, allergies, OCPD, etc...) Begin by rubbing a small amount in the palm of your hands then cup hands over nose and breathe deeply several times. Next rub onto chest and soles of the feet. That's right the soles of your feet are extremely absorbent. Essential Oil molecules are so tiny they pass thru the skin and into the blood stream, within 20 minutes they are everywhere in the body.

*From the site

Friday, March 29, 2013

Cheap anti-aging treatments

I just read a great article about these cheap, natural wrinkle treatments and I want to share with you guys.

  1. Watch your diet: take diatery supplement which contains Vitamin A, C and E
  2. Use essential oils: they help retain moisture and they are not expensive. Put 2-3 drops in your moisturizer in the morning and evening and you will see the difference
  3. Drink green tea: green tea is full of polyphenols, which has an antioxidant effect and they help to fight against free radicals which can cause destruction in the body
  4. Exfoliate your skin: Use an apple and plain yoghurt. Mix them together, appy it on your skin, leave it on for 20 mins and then rinse it off
  5. Give yourself a facial massage
  6. Get at least 8 hours of sleep: sleeping is important because of the melatonin engineering
  7. Drink plenty of water



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Product review - Alverde Facial Toner with clay/argilla

I continue my Alverde series with this amazing facial toner. Sometimes I can't say no to foods which contain sugar (very bad habit, I know) and then I have to pay the price: pimples appear on my forehead. And they are these inflamed pimples. So they hurt too and hard or almost impossible to pop them out.(Traditionally, this zone is regarded as the "sister" to the bladder and digestive system. If you breakout frequently in this area, it might mean that you need to improve your elimination by drinking more water and eating more "whole" foods. Outbreaks on your forehead can be caused also by a toxin build up, usually related to poor digestion.)

So I knew I need something which can actually help to dry them out. Thankfully Alverde has its amazing facial toner with Argilla at DM (Drogerie Markt).

Monday, January 28, 2013

Promotion Code for Essentials! 20% off! Don't miss it!

Essential is a natural and organic skin care, body care, makeup and hair care brand which now offers you a 20% discount on the entire order from now until the end of February.

About the company (from their site):

"Essentials was founded by Jennifer Knox, a wife and mother of two precious sons, who was looking for alternative methods to help relieve symptoms from eczema, lethargy, IBS and alopecia.

Not wanting to rely on steroid creams or a daily regimen of prescription drugs, she set out to change the products she and her family used focusing on natural products full of anti-oxidants from fruits and vegetables. The result- her ailments were replaced with increased energy, clear, healthy skin and an enthusiastic outlook on life.

She wants to share the products she has tested and seen results with others so they too can reach their goals. She also hopes to increase the awareness of natural and organic products while supporting an array of non-profit organizations making a difference."

You only have to use code "BSmart".



Sunday, January 27, 2013

Product review - Alverde Citrus-Sage deodorant

It's another great product from Alverde. I got this deodorant from my friend for Christmas. It's the citrus-sage scent, but Alverde has it in cranberry and if I'm not mistaken in peach as well. I would love to try the cranberry one.

This product has no synthetic fragrances and colors, no petroleum derived products (parafines, PEG, -propyl-, -alkyl-, etc.), no silicone oils, no genetically modified ingredients, no irradiaton of end product and botanical ingredients and the product is not tested on animals. And the good news is that it has the NaTrue certification logo.

Although it says that the bottle is only 75ml,it looks much bigger. I'm using it for a month now and it's still full. I think it's really economical.

The good news is for vegans: the deodorant has the Vegan seal.:)

Description about the product

It has a strong citrus smell, but I just love it. It brings me back summer. And actually it feels like a body spray. I know it's winter now and it's not the best time to test it's effectiveness, but it keeps me dry. You have to know that this is not an antiperspirant, so you will sweat. But it will help to cover the smell and you won't be stinky. And it absorbs and dries pretty quickly.


Alcohol, Aqua, Triethyl Citrate, Parfum**, Polygliceryl-10 Laurate, Glycerin, Citrid Acid, Salvia Officinalis Extract*, Limonene**. Linaool**, Geraniol**, Citral**, Farnesol**

* from certified organic agriculture

**from natural essential oils

It is a good product and I recommend it. The price is also wallet friendly.

You can buy it in all European DM drugstore. Alverde website: Alverde

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